Publishing Pro

Our Music Publishing Software provides publishers with all the tools they need to track their songwriters & catalogs from anywhere with internet connection, and not just the office. Once songs are in the catalog manager, employees can manage administrative rights, and ownership of the song. From there the system keeps track of that song's lifecycle. Users can "pitch" the song direct from the system, phone, tablet to the person of their choice real time and from there track holds, cuts and syncs. All data is real time and everyone at the company will know where each song stands.

Publishing Features
  • Access Song Info, Audio, Lyrics anywhere
  • Tag songs with Attributes
  • Intuitive Catalog Search
  • Print Report of Catalog
  • Maintain Song Admin Data
  • Mobile Compatible Audio Player
  • Pitch songs via email
  • Pitch Player
  • Custom User Roles
  • Track Pitches
  • Track Holds
  • Track Cuts
  • Track Syncs